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ABOUT The new LP
"It's my passion for astrology that led me to the concept of my new band.The idea is that the Planets travel through space and projects situationsand experiences just like music is created at specific time and place tochannel emotions.

This album is the story of my life, from my teenage years in London whenthe doorbell rang, I went to open, saw a Goddess at my door, golden hair,dressed in black. She took me to my first rock concert, friends of her playingin town "The Birds." Her name was Nico.

Along my journey, I've encountered magnificent creatures who inspiredmy dreams and my nightmares. I loved them all (even the Ugly Monsters)for what they brought out in me, flavor of wisdom, diamonds in my head,and plenty more will be, today and tomorrow, because Planets don't standstill but move around the universe.

For all those years that this record took to produce, to my precious friendsand their contribution to turning on the ignition of my turbo heart, puttingin a full tank of premium love and confidence.Now it's my turn to blow their way some heart-shaped bubbles.....My musicians are like Planets; I've met them in different times and places.My longest association is Jean-Lou Kalinowski who I met when he was fifteenyears old, Louis Bertignac ( Telephone ) found him at the Drums School in Parisand introduced him to our band Shakin'Street.
Nono, Norbert Krief who I met when we were rehearsing at the JussieuUniversity in Paris with my band Shakin'Street at the very beginning, was alsopracticing with his band Trust just next room to us, strange coincidence! Webecame friends and will be forever.

One day Sandy Pearlman brought a guitarist from New York, Ross The Bossfrom the legendary band The Dictators. During our North American Tour withBlue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath, we made friends with the drummer and thebass player of B.O.C. Albert and Joe Bouchard, now part of the Planets family.My latest encounter in Los Angeles is virtuoso guitarist Balage who helpedme on my middle-eastern musical interest as well as producer David Grover.Then Dave Shulz joined us from the band Berlin and The English Beat as well asMoogy Klingman from the band of Todd Rundgren who came graciously to putthe cherry on the cake in Dancing for Eternity.And the last planet is mandolinplayer in My Girls, My Heroes, the magical mandolin of Barry Gruber.

I dedicate this album to my family-friends, to Marlon Kalinowski for lettinghis dad stay in the studio until late hours, to my nephew David Essaiagh for hisgreat musical talent, Vincent Beaurenaut for being a fan, we will miss you, to mygood friend Ben Fisher with whom I started this project, I will miss you, to myson Benjamin Dayne, my favorite percussionist for playing for me for free, andto all my cats Titina, Bobby, and Bussa for being there on my down time.I want to thank all the new members of this project: Micha, Philippe, Thierry,Erik in France for their chemistry and also Teo and Benjamin for their magicalrhythms and David Wilson for the lovely accordion and violin. I look forward tomeet  again for some more planetary encounters on Planet Earth."

Fabienne Shine 05/18/2007