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CD Baby: FABIENNE SHINE: Fabienne Shine and the planets
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FABIENNE SHINE: Fabienne Shine and the planets Fabienne Shine
Fabienne Shine and the planets

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This renaissance woman has once again reinvented herself and explores a number of styles yet she remains true to herself. Her intense interest in the planets lead her to name her band.
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1 The Bag Lady Is Back
2 Watch Out
3 Dancing For Eternity
4 Mr President
5 My Girls, My Heroes
6 Life Is A Symphony
7 River Deep, Mountain High
8 Cruisin' On PCH
9 If I Was A Planet
10 In Shallah

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USA: California - LA

Fabienne Shine was born in North Africa and was raised in Paris.She began as a model and appeared in Italian films.

It was Nico (Velvet Underground) who opened the door to the music world for Fabienne. Fabienne fell in love with rock and roll.Fabienne began singing, playing guitar and composing. She met Johnny Thunders in Paris when the New York Dolls were performing. She jammed with Thunders. She followed him to New York City. Their relationship endured. Johnny Thunders wrote his most beautiful song "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" for Fabienne.A true gypsy, Fabienne continued to travel the world playing guitar and singing. She met Led Zeppelin in 1973. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant jammed with Fabienne. They told her that she had talent and encouraged her to form a band.
Fortunately, Fabienne took their advice. She went to France and formed a band renamed "Shakin Street" (after the MC5 song) by Marc Zermatti when they appeared at the first Mont de Marsan festival in France, sharing the bill with the Damned and Eddie and the Hot Rods.

Shakin Street was never a punk band. They developed as a band at the same time as the British punk bands and shared bills with the Clash and the Stranglers as well. Fabienne's photo graced the cover of Sounds.Always traveling, Fabienne met Phillip Shine in Bombay, India. He became the group's manager. Fabienne says that if it were not for Phillip, she never would have made it so quickly. Phillip made the band professional. Phillip Shine gave Fabienne his name.Shakin Street was signed to CBS and released "Vampire Rock." They toured with Nico as the opening act.

Their follow up album, the self titled "Shakin Street" was produced Sandy Pearlman (The Clash ,Pavlov's dogs and Blue Oyster Cult). Now with Ross The Boss (The Dictators) on guitar, they toured the world for a full year sharing bills with Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Molly Hatchet, Journey, Reo Speedwagon, Heart and Sammy Hagar.

In 1980 she married the mysterious Damon Edge who founded the legendary experimental / industrial band Chrome. Fabienne collaborated with Damon on several Chrome albums. Her haunting vocals appear on the classic Chrome album "Third From The Sun." When Damon moved to Paris, Fabienne introduced him to her band and a new version of Chrome was born.After she and Damon separated, she studied astrology in Paris for four years with the France's most respected astrologers. Fabienne has an intense interest in the planets.
Fabienne continued to compose songs and nurtured her next project. Jean-Lou Kalinowski co-wrote four songs with Fabienne for her 1997 release "No Mad Nomad." The album's title refers to both her love of travel and her late husband. This album remains in print and is available on

Shakin Street reunited for a concert in 2004. This same year, she was reunited with Chrome's co-founder legendary guitarist Helios Creed. She co-wrote two songs with Helios and developed a beautiful version of "All Tomorrow's Parties" for her late friend Nico. The album "Deep Blue Love Vacuum" is considered to be one of Helios Creed's best. In 2006 she toured with Helios and performed at the SXSW in Austin. They played three sold out shows at the conference.

After the tour, Fabienne continued to compose new material for her latest album. Renaissance woman, Fabienne has once again reinvented herself and explores a number of styles yet she remains true to herself. Her intense interest in the planets lead her to name her band.

"It's my passion for astrology that led me to the concept of my new band.The idea is that the Planets travel through space and projects situationsand experiences just like music is created at specific time and place to channel emotions.
This album is the story of my life, from my teenage years in London whenthe doorbell rang, I went to open, saw a Goddess at my door, golden hair,dressed in black. She took me to my first rock concert, friends of her playingin town "The Birds." Her name was Nico.
Along my journey, I've encountered magnificent creatures who inspiredmy dreams and my nightmares. I loved them all (even the Ugly Monsters)for what they brought out in me, flavor of wisdom, diamonds in my head,and plenty more will be, today and tomorrow, because Planets don't standstill but move around the universe.

For all those years that this record took to produce, to my precious friends and their contribution to turning on the ignition of my turbo heart, puttingin a full tank of premium love and confidence. Now it's my turn to blow their way some heart-shaped bubbles.....

My musicians are like Planets; I've met them in different times and places.
My longest association is Jean-Lou Kalinowski who I met when he was fifteenyears old, Louis Bertignac ( Telephone ) found him at the Drums School in Parisand introduced him to our band Shakin'Street.

Norbert Krief who I met when we were rehearsing at the JussieuUniversity in Paris with my band Shakin'Street at the very beginning, was alsopracticing with his band Trust just next room to us, strange coincidence! Webecame friends and will be forever.

One day Sandy Pearlman brought a guitarist from New York, Ross The Bossfrom the legendary band The Dictators. During our North American Tour withBlue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath, we made friends with the drummer and thebass player of B.O.C. Albert and Joe Bouchard, now part of the Planets family.

My latest encounter in Los Angeles is virtuoso guitarist Balage who helpedme on my middle-eastern musical interest as well as producer David Grover.Then Dave Shulz joined us from the band Berlin and The English Beat as well asMoogy Klingman from the band of Todd Rundgren who came graciously to putthe cherry on the cake in Dancing for Eternity.And the last planet is mandolinplayer in My Girls, My Heroes, the magical mandolin of Barry Gruber.

I look forward to meet again for some more planetary encounters on Planet Earth.
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5 out of 5 stars So good!!!!!!!
Reviewer: simon
This cd is just great .I really love the diversity of the songs.Bag lady gets almost funky while watch out rocks.This record is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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