June 2005 New York sessions for her next LP with ex Blue Oyster Cult and Shakin'Street/Manowar members .
March 2005 Helios Creed and Fabienne on next Chrome CD.
June 2004 ShakinStreet plays the Olympia in Paris .
Albert Bouchard own words :Fabienne Shine's Brilliant.
Albert and Ross the Boss were joined by brother Joe Bouchard to record a couple tracks for the new Fabienne Shine (singer from Shakin' Street) solo album. The songs were recorded at Dubway Studios in manhattan and were produced by keyboardist Barry Gruber. The sessions went smoothly, the tracks were stunning, old friendships were renewed and all involved look forward to more days like this.
Material for a new CD was recorded at The Bubble in Austin Texas on January 20th, 21st, and 25th.  Helios was joined in the studio by Paul Della Pella (percussion), Jeff Pinkus (bass), Jerry Page (guitar), Fabienne Shine (vocals), and  Blair Bovbjerg (theramin).

At the show at Room 710 on the 21st, they played two of the newly recorded songs.  First was Sandbox, followed by a cover of Velvet Underground's All Tomorrow's Parties, both sung by the fabulous Fabienne.  As an encore, Jeff sang Smokin' Weed with Helios Creed.

Also in the works is a DVD of the Room 710 show, with footage from the studio sessions and the party held the previous weekend.

HELIOS CREED DEEP BLUE LOVE VACUUM TOUR ITINERARYMarch 16th Austin, TX - SXSW CD release show at Room 710 (featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
March 18th - San Antonio, TX - The Wiggle Room (featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
March 23rd - Los Angeles, CA - The Fold at Silverlake Lounge (featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
March 24th - San Francisco, CA - Annie's Social Club (featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
March 25th - SF/Oakland, CA - The Stork Club (featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
March 30th - Seattle, WA - The Funhouse (possibly featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
April 14th Austin, TX - Room 710 (featuring Fabienne Shine of CHROME/Shakin' Street)
February 2006 Fabienne will be touring with Helios Creed/Chrome . West side tour 2006 dates
Fabienne Shine set a rich table for all of us with this new album. A table full of dishes with a palette of musical influences that reach from the US thru France to India.
This remarkable woman effortlessly mixes past and future, heaven and hell, eastern and western culture into a mesmerizing treasure chest.
Fabienne's life is that of a musical gypsy who drank from the wells of original rock and roll.
Johnny Thunders, Led Zeppelin, Patti Smith and The Velvet Underground; she gathered up their music in the sponge of her life. And with this new album she gently squeezes and releases a rich lather to wash your crushed soul into shiny newness.
A most remarkable artist who lives music thru her soul as an intense consuming fire that makes her rebirth time and again like a phoenix from the flames.
This is like coming home for the 'elderly' amongst us who know No Mad Nomad and the Shakin' Street albums. And it's a kaleidoscope of world music for the young and inquisitive souls.

This is not straight forward but very atmospheric, an album that grows with every spin you give it in your CDplayer. Flip on your headphones and embark on this journey with me. Just a few highlights:

the catchy Dancing for Eternity (chart hit potential!). Once upon a time… I was a mummy in a pyramid, with my two cats purring next to me, moonlight sticks to my skin;
I hear whispers coming from the walls, that's what it's like living with the gods.

Conveying the thought that we all live eternally and keep cycling thru lives unto perfection.
That awesome bass and the Hammond organ tucked away in the wings…
Mr. President Why are you whispering lies, a cool protest song, classic and current at the same time; eerie alienating guitar and violin.
My girls my heroes, the story of Fabienne's life, You can't put your arms around memories. It's true cause we've tried -yeah. Patti the myth, Nico the goddess, then Fabienne's both in one…
Overwhelming guitar work and a lovely organ.
Life is a symphony I can't understand what's going on in my life, how about you? Don't worry, Fabienne shows you it's all meant to be. This is a neat showcase of Fabienne's vocal range, from a deep abyss to steep slopes reaching for the sky. The sitar takes you up into a wonderful flight, a totally over the top world music song, a song for meditation.
River deep mountain high, done a million times by a million artists but here, Fabienne's voice draws every syllable in thick splashing crayon color. I've never heard sing these lyrics so crystal clear, so relaxed and with so much impact.
If I was a planet is sound rock and a French chanson mixed into one. The deliberate accentuation of the wrong syllable in Planette and Comette [that's wrong in English, correct in French!] gives this song a cute charm all of its own.
And finally In Shallah. A masterpiece.. That sitar again takes you places inside your soul, you can't even imagine. After My 3rd choice is to build an empire… it's like the pain and despair of all the world's people is lifted up to the gods in one gigantic cry.. why? But as the song rolls on it becomes clear on a subconscious level that all this will pass & we'll see each other again in perfect flawless love. It's got healing properties, this song. If I focus on the music and voice, it makes me cry.

And the other songs? Well… just go and get this treasure chest today. You won't regret it.

Ed Peperkamp
August 2007 Read ed's review of the CD !!!